Your $99 GED Prep Kit Includes All Items Below:
McGraw-Hill's GED
Short Course book
572 Pages
The GED For Dummies book
348 Pages
Pass Key To The GED book
465 Pages
Advanced Ti30x calculator High quality authentic Heritage
West High School
notepad and pen set
Squeeze your studying
stress away with our new
brain stress ball!

Be Prepared to pass the GED test with our GED prep Kit - Only $99

We applaud you for considering to take the official GED test. Our staff understands that preparing for the GED can be frustrating and stressful with the many suggestions and material available online. We have therefore taken the time to review the top GED test preparation guides and books and have compiled the very best GED prep ingrediants into one affordable kit. Now you don't have to spend time and money searching for the right curriculum to study with! Our kit includes study docs and books that are EASY to understand and retain for when you take the test! We have also included a brand new advanced TI-30x calculator and our own high quality school pencils and notepad to complete the kit! All for only $99.