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How Our High School Program Works

Heritage Western High School provides a free online high school diploma program that can be taken at the pace desired by the individual. There are no fees to enroll in or while taking the entire course. This high school program is designed to be finished in a short amount of time and entirely online.

After a student has successfully completed the free high school diploma online program, they will then be eligible to order their diploma package. The new graduate will need to provide general information at this time in our secure admin as well as shipping details if they are interested in purchasing our honorary high school diploma graduation package. Once these steps are finished, our online high school counselors will review the test scores before confirming to the student that their diploma package is ready for shipment. When all requirements are complete, our staff will notify the graduate of their pending high school diploma package they will be receiving shortly.

Our online high school offers a unique testing plaform which includes a free, comprehensive study guide that students can access to understand each of the core sections of exam. Students have the opportunity to either select to use the study guide or not. In addition to our study guide, the high school diploma class can be accessed at any time and is designed to be taken at the desired pace of each student. Verification services are offered for free to graduates of our online high school who purchase their diploma package. This service affords colleges, trade schools, education organizations and places of employment, the ability to verify that an individual has passed our examination. Get started today with our at home high school diploma online classes and be on your way to a higher education!

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2015 GED Practice Test Online

We are excited to now offer two new GED prep courses for our users who are looking to find additional practice prior to taking the test in person.. You can now study for the GED with our free practice test which is made up of 40 questions which span the core elements of the official General Education Development. In addition, we now offer an expanded GED practice test online which is an ideal option for your preparation as it will test you over 100 questions; comprised from the subjects of Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies. If you pass this 100 question practice test with a satisfactory or higher score, you will be eligible to receive our certificate of completion. This certificate of completion is not a GED (the GED can only be completed at a state designated testing center under supervision). This completion document certifies and is recorded to show your passing score of the online GED practice test. We encourage all of our visitors and clients to use a variety of study resources, both online and offline, to achieve the best GED score results. Get your GED practice online and start for free today!

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

Thanks to Heritage Western for a fast online high school program that I could take at the pace I wanted. I am a working adult and don't have much free time to take an online test. It was nice to use the return option and start where I last left off. I've now passed your course and feel a sense of accomplishment!
Jessica Anne W.
New York City, New York

I loved the study guide that your course provides, it really helped me think through some of the more difficult problems.
Michael J.
Atlanta, Georgia

My friend Ashley told me that she got her high school diploma through Heritage so I decided to see what it was all about and ended up earning my diploma that same day. You guys rock! I rock for passing the test too and now I'm a graduate!
Danielle V.
Honolulu, Hawaii

My friend and I have both finished your high school diploma program now and appreciate your flexible payment plan options you offered. Thanks Heritage!
Jim A. and Brody M.
Los Angeles, California

My mom said I can earn my high school diploma online through Heritage Western and that's what I did. I only had a few options for college or trade school and am so happy I decided to get my diploma fast so I can get enrolled there faster now.
Kelley Jackson
Birmingham, Alabama

I really like this high school course because it was free and it helped me practice before I took the GED test. I've recommended it to friends who were also getting ready to take the GED and they were satisfied too.
Jeff A.
Glendale, Arizona

I wanted to learn how I could earn my GED online but found your website, took your high school class, passed the exam and earned my diploma!
Dino M.
Miami, Florida

It was hard to find an online GED practice test that didn't ask for money to enroll or make me fill out all these forms in order to continue. I'm glad I found your practice test and am now ready to get my GED, thanks!
Laura B.
Seattle, Washington

I always heard from my friends that I should get my GED online but I learned from your website that you can't and it has to be done in person. Thanks for your help and I told my friends too!
Arturo V.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks Heritage for this free GED practice testing that you have now! Between this and my flash cards, I'm making great progress in my preparation for the GED test.
Monica F.
Chicago, Illinois

More Information About Our Online High School Diploma Program and the Official GED

If you are looking to complete the GED from your computer, please be advised that you can only take the GED test in person at a local, state designated testing facility. You may take a free practice test from your computer but there are no accredited, regionally or nationally accepted online GED prep courses that are available to earn your GED diploma from home. There are however, many free online GED practice programs that are designed and based after the many variations of the General Educational Development (GED) and can help prepare you for the official test. Heritage Western High School offers a web-based high school diploma course that can be taken for free and as GED practice. Heritage Western in no way implies the online high school program is an online GED test or that participants can earn a GED by passing the web-based courses. If you are looking to earn your GED, you will need to contact your state GED instructor and find out details of where you can take the test in person.

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